S. 0. J., in answer to a question in the New England Farmer, about the successful cultivation of this Scarlet Bouvardia says : We have not always been successful in the culture of the Scarlet Bouvardia. It will not thrive in the dry, heated temperature of our common sitting rooms, but, like the verbena, requires a cool, moist atmosphere, and a rich, loamy soil with a mixture of sand, at least a quarter of the whole bulk of the soil. It is, also, like the verbena, subject to the ravages of the aphis, which injure its growth and beauty. This season we had procured a fine variety, the Bouvardia Elegans, which is a " novelty" and has much larger clusters of flowers, of a brighter and clearer shade, and far handsomer than the species usually grown. In December, it was growing beautifully, the sandy, rich loam, and the cooler situation, were doing their work, and it had four beautiful clusters of buds beginning to show their rich scarlet tint. But they were covered with green flies in all stages of life. Their presence was not to be endured - a warm water bath must be given them! So we prepared it, but the morning was chilly, our fingers were cold, and the result was, the bath was too warm for the health of the plant.

All the green aphides were killed ; so, also, were all the beautiful buds and leaves !

The plant still survives, and is now recovering from its hot bath. Not an aphis has dared to show its wings, and green leaves now promise a wealth of buds. We hope that "Constant Reader " will profit by our experience, and will give her plant a cool temperature, and a cool bath, and a rich, sandy home. If watered once a week with guano water, it will flourish more luxuriantly.