The season, up to this date, (June 20th,) has been highly favorable to vegetation. From the opening of the buds we have had no violent changes - no cold cutting winds, such as we usually experience during the season when fruit trees are in blossom. During six or seven years past we have not seen so little of the curl in the Peach as we have this season. The trees have somewhat of their former vigorous and healthy look, and as a general thing are loaded with fruit. Trees that have not yielded a single perfect specimen in four or five years, are now bending under the weight of fruit. All around us we see nothing but destruction to the tree, unless thinning be properly attended to.

The earlier Strawberries are now brought freely into market The Early Scarlet and Burr's New Pine are the two leading sorts here at present. We have been endeavoring to clear up the confusion which exists in regard to the Cincinnati varieties, but find it a difficult matter. We cannot find any one who is absolutely certain that he has the genuine sorts. We have obtained new sets of plants, and we shall not feel satisfied until we have fruited them next season.

The earliest Cherries are nearly gone. Belle d'Or leans was the first with us (our season is ten days or more later than usual.) Early Purple Guigne and Bauman's May come next; and then Early White Heart, May Duke, and (Ms Transparent Gov. Wood will be ripe in a day or two; and we must say again, that this is an unequaled variety - large, handsome, early, delicious, and a most abundant bearer. Our friend Elliot may extol this variety as much as he pleases; he cannot over-rate it. The Early May, or Indulle, is of no great consequence. The tree is small, and makes a pretty little bush for the garden; but nurserymen will find it not very easy of propagation.

Roses are now in perfection here, and so are the Paeonies. We have never seen the display of both so fine in the gardens and nurseries here. We hope to have some notes for next month. The Genesee Valley Horticultural Society holds its midsummer show on the 24th.