Mr. Henry W. Sargent, long a valued correspondent of the Horticulturist, writes us under date of June 20th, the following interesting in for. mation from Wodenethe on the North River:

"The most successful thing I have done this year has been importing Shank's Lawn Mowing Machine, (horse power) cutting thirty-two inches; this cuts, rolls and gathers the grass, and keeps your lawn in a condition no lawn scythe ever did, and will in clear lawns, cut, gather, and roll, a Scotch acre in one hour! My experience has been that between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M., it does what formerly occupied two men and a boy the better part of nine days to do, and infinitely better too.

A clever mechanic in my neighborhood is about making an improvement even on mine, and can afford to sell at the English prices, thus saving duty and freight. There are several sizes, running from 5 to 10, the first being for man power, the second for horse, cutting, I think, from twelve to thirty-two inches. There is also an intermediate size, called the poney size. If generally introduced among our country gentlemen, as they unquestionably will be when more known, they will produce the greatest improvement in our places".