Mr. Downing: I discover by a letter in your number for the present month, from a working English gardener, that we are behind the age in general, and Great Britain in particular, in horticulture. I would request your correspondent to enlighten us, by a description of the sexual character of the strawberry plant. I am told that in England, they follow in the footsteps of the world renowned Linnaeus - hold with him, that this plant always has blossoms perfect in both male and female organs; and all the English gardeners I have met with, adhere to the same doctrine, and can discover no sexual difference between the blossom of their world renowned Keen's Seedling, and Hovey's Seedling. They are compelled to admit, that where" these two are planted together, that Hovey's produces a full crop of perfect fruit, whilst the Keen will not bear one-fifth of a crop. But this they say arises from our climate varying from that of England.

Now the presumption is, that these English gardeners must be right, as they tread in the footsteps of the greatest of all botanists, whilst we for our principles, depend on an ignorant German female, who supplied our market with strawberries, 80 years since. Her fruit was much larger, and her grounds produced five times the quantity, of any English gardener's ground in the vicinity. They discovered this, and as she yearly threw vines on the road, they planted them, and strange to tell, not one of the plants ever bore a single fruit. True, when the supposed secret of the old woman wasdiscover ed; she got in a passion, and quit raising the strawberry, as the price was reduced from 25 cents to eight cents per quart, as the average rate of the best, declaring that she had thrown none but the rascally husbands on the highway, to deceive them. There may be something of " Ro-Chester knockings" in this, or mesmerism, as some of our gardeners bring to our backwoods market, near 5000 quarts of strawberries in a single day, when no English gardener, who at. tends the market in the great cities of Gotham, Boston, or Philadelphia, send one-quarter the quantity.

Ax Enquirer. Cincinnati, Feb. 11, 1852.