We have received the list of premiums, rules, and regulations for 1853. The following is the list of officers and committees:

President - HERMAN WENDELL, M. D.

Vice Presidents - Henry Vaii, C. P. Williams, Wm. Newoomb, E. Dorr.

Secretary - Joseph Warren.

Treasurer - Luther Tucker.

Manager* - V. P. Douw, B. B. Kirtlakd, J. M. Lovett, L. Menand, E. Corning, Jr., James Wilson, J. S. Goold, E. E. Platt.

Committees For 1858. Fruits

Dr. Herman Wendell, Albany, chairman. V. P. Douw, Green-bush; E. Dorr, Albany; B. B. Kirtland, Greenbush; D. Thomas Vail, Troy.

On Green-house Plants and Green-house Flowers - Wm. Newcomb, chairman. J. 9. Goold, Albany; W. A Wharton, Albany; Wm. Janes, Bethlehem; W. Buttercase, Watervliet.

On Gardens

Dr. Herman Wendell, Albany, chairman. B. P. Johnson, Albany, and C. P. Williams, Albany.

On Flowers

J. M. Lovett, Albany, chairman. C. P. Williams, Albany; J. McD. Mclntyre, Albany; J. Mayell, Albany.

On Floral Designs, Bouquets

J. M. Lovett, Albany, chairman. W. A Wharton, Albany; Joseph Warren, Albany; John Jacob Wendell, Albany. Ladies' Committee - Mre. V. P. Douw, Greenbush; Mrs. W. A Wharton, Mrs. Jas. Goold, Miss Reynolds, Miss Pierson, Albany.

On Discretionary Premiums

E. P. Prentice, Bethlehem, chairman. D. T. Vail, Troy; Jacob Henry, Watervliet. B. P. Johnson, Albany; S. Morgan, Watervliet; W. Durant Watervliet.

On Essays, And On Establishing Synonym* Of Fruit

Joel Rathbone, Bethlehem, chairman. Amos Briggs, Schaghticoke; Luther Tucker, Albany; John H. Willard, Troy; A. T. Richards, West Troy.

On Vegetable

E. E. Platt, Albany, chairman. Dennis Belden, Troy; Dr. John Wilson, Bethlehem; Wm. S. Shepherd, Watervliet.

On Arrangements For Exhibition

J. McD. Mclntyre, Albany, chairman. J. S. Walsh, Elisha Dorr, J. Dingwall, James Wilson, Erastus A. Pease, and Joseph Warren, Albany; D. D. T. More, Watervliet.

The Worcester County Horticultural Society

The Worcester County Horticultural Society will hold its fourteenth annual exhibition of fruits, flowers, plants, and vegetables, at Horticultural Hall,! Worcester, Mass., on the 21st, 22d, and 23d of September, 1853. The Society will also hold a series of summer exhibitions on Saturday of each week, commencing in May, (of which public notice will be given,) and closing August 27th. The following is a list of the committees for 1853:

On Apple

Dr. Rufus Woodward, Worcester, chairman. David S. Messenger, Wm. T. Merri-field, Worcester; Thomas Bond, North Brookfield; S. P. Champney, G. A. Chamberlin, Worcester.

On Pears

Dr. William Workman, Worcester, chairman. J. C Moore, Charlton; Emory Bannister, C. H. Hill, C. G. Coleman, Worcester.

On Other Fruit

Lewis A. Maynard, Worcester, chairman. J. P. Allen, Worcester; J. C. Stone, Shrewsbury; Ansel Lakin, James R. Wall, Worcester.

On Flowers And Decoration

Samuel F. Haven, Worcester, chairman. C Wheeler, Clarendon Harris, Horatio Phelps, Wm. R. Paine, Worcester.

On Vegetables

George Jaques, Worcester, chairman. D. W. Lincoln, Worcester; C W. For-bush, Grafton; Gardiner Paine, Joseph Lovell, Jr., Worcester.

On Arrangement

Waldo Lincoln, Wm. M. Bickford, Geo. W. Richardson, Sam'l H. Colton, D. S. Messenger, Charles Paine, Samuel Flagg, S. P. Champney, Joseph Lovell, Jr.