The January number of this serial is at hand, with a rich table of contents. It is published by J. M. Emerson, 37 Park Row, New York.

Annual Meeting of the Fruit Growers' Society Of Western New York, held at Rochester, January 4 and 5,1860, as reported for the Rural New Yorker. - Much too valuable a document not to have been put in a better and more permanent form. We lay it asido for future reference.

,The Quarterly Journal of Agriculture, published by the United States Agricultural Society. January, 1860. Edited by Ben. Farley Poore, Secretary of the Society. - The present number is taken up with interesting sketches of the Agricultural Exhibitions of 1859.

All The Year Round #1

The September number well sustains the character of this sterling serial.

Outlines of Chemico-Hygiene and Medicine; or, The Application of Chemical Results to the Preservation of Health and Cure of Disease. By A. Dallas, C. H., C. M. Toronto, Maclcar & Co., 1860.

The Illinois Teacher: devoted to Education, Science, and Free Schools. August, 1860.