In compliance with a resolution passed by the American Pomolngical Congress, during its session at Cincinnati, in October, 1860, it becomes my duty publicly to announce that the next session will be held at the city of Philadelphia, en Monday, the 13th day of September, 1858. The Congress will assemble at 10 o'clock, A. M, in the Chinese Museum Building, South Nirah.*treet, below Chestnut.

The Pomological, Horticultural, and Agricultural Societies throughout the United Slates and Canada, are invited to send such number of delegates as they may deem expedient. And the delegates are requested to bring with (beat specimens of the Fruits of their respective districts.

Package*, and Boxes of Fruit for the Congress, may be directed to the care of Thomas P. Jambs, Esq, No. 919 Market-street, Philadelphia, should the owners be unable to give their personal attendance.

The various State Fruit Committees enumerated in the so) joined list, will, on or before the day of meeting, transmit their several reports to A. J. Downing, Esq., Newburgh, general Chairman of the whole. The Chairman of each State Committee if authorised, where vacancies occur, to fill up the number of his Committee to five mem bers. W. D. BRINKLE, M. D.. President.

Philadelphia, May 1,1859.