This exhibition came off on the 21st instant at Rochester, and was one of the best and most numerously attended the Society has ever held. During the day the hall was visited by highly respectable delegations of amateur horticulturists, both ladies and gentlemen, from Batavia, Cananadaigua* Geneva, Palmyra, etc., besides numerous strangers who happened to be making a temporary sojourn in our city. In the evening the citizens turned out in large numbers. All expressed themselves gratified - delighted with the display of fruits and flowers, but the oppressive heat or the weather injured the appearance of every thing very much, and lessened the comfort of visitors, although Reynolds1 Corinthian Hall, in which the show was held, is one of the best ventilated buildings in the State. For two week's previous to the exhibition, the weather was dry and warm; consequently the articles presented were neither so varied nor so excellent as they would have been under more favorable circumstances. In strawberries this was most striking. The varieties presented were below their usual size, and many who have heretofore made fine contributions, did not present any; yet the show was good. Mr. Pardee, of Geneva, offered 18 varieties, each separate and named, and a mixed dish consisting of 45 varieties.

Among this collection were several new varieties that excited considerable interest; for instance, McAvoy's Superior, Walter3* Seedling, Moyamensing Pine, Crescent Seedling, Monroe Scarlet, and Genesee. All these, we believe, came up to expectation, except the Crescent, which were really indifferent A fine dish of each Burr's New Pine and Hovey's Seedling was shown by T. A. Newton for Mr. C D. Southworth, of Penfield.

In the Nurserymen's class, Messrs. H. Hooker & Co. presented a collection of 8 or 10 varieties; good specimens. Messrs. Frost & Co. 2 varieties Hovey's Seedling and Genesee. Ellwanger & Barry SO varieties, including most of the new sorts of note. Burr's Ohio Mammoth and Genesee looked most attractive.

We shall hereafter give complete lists, as far as we can obtain them; also reports of committees, and notes on the qualities of new varieties, which we have not space to give at present.

Few cherries were offered. Mr. Powis, of Greece, a dish of Early Purple Guigne. Mr. Lovecraft, very superior specimens of Baumari's May, Ellwanger & Barry, a nice dish of Belle d'Orleans, that was much admired; also Bauman's May, Early Purple, Early White Heart, and Coe's Transparent.

In the flower department roses were the center of attraction. The intense heat deprived them of much of their freshness and brilliancy, but in regard to the extent of the collections and the rarity of the sorts, there has, perhaps, not been another show in America to surpass this. There was probably, in all, not less than 400 varieties shown, and among them the newest and best varieties that figure on the stands at Chiswick and Paris. In this matter the nurserymen show unbounded zeal. The principal contributors were Messrs. Frost & Co., Ellwanger & Barry, S. Moulson, J. J. Thomas, Wm. King, J. A. Eastman, and John Donnellan.

Mr. Sulter, gardener to J. W. Bisssell, Esq., made a very handsome display of well-grown pot plants. Two large scarlet Pelargoniums, in elegant rustic boxes, were much admired, as were also his Verbenas, trained appropriately to a flat horizontal wire frame.

Pot plants were shown liberally by Messrs. Frost & Co., Ellwanger & Barry, C. J. Ryan & Co., and Wm. King; but Mr. Salter's alone exhibited care in training. Our plant growers do not find sufficient encouragement to give much attention to the growth and training of fair specimens, but we think they must try their hand at it or quit showing pot plants. Several pretty floral ornaments were presented: a pyramid of miscellaneous flowers by Mr. McNab, gardener to Hon. John Greig, of Canandaigua; a bed (literally) of roses by Messrs. Frost & Co.; various tasteful baskets of bouquets by Miss Hooker, Miss Sarah K. Warner, Miss K. Moulson, Miss Adams, Miss Margaret MoGarry, Mrs. R. Donnelan, etc.

The display of vegetables was small. 6. W. Hart, of Rochester, exhibited a dish of early June potstos; very fine.