However these pests may plague you, all you have to do, says the Midland Florid, is to make deep holes with a crowbar, say two or three feet, and carefully withdraw the instrument, so that the hole may be open; thousands, aye, millions of these little pests will fall down them, and not get out any more; in fact, the place will in time be completely cleared. When they congregate away from plants, boiling water will settle their account quickly; but the former method will do anywhere if the ground will allow of holes kept open. In some light soils it is difficult If you can do it no other way, soak it with water first Guano is also effectual.

Ants #1

Are they not useful, if sometimes annoying 1 As the attendant upon the Aphis, may they not prevent them damaging the plants as much as they would if their excretions were not removed? Do they not act as impregnators in closed houses to which bees have not access? I thought they did me good service in a Cucumber frame this spring.