Before sowing seed of the German quilled or peony-flowered Asters, make your bed of soil rich and deep by working into it liberally well-rotted compost manure.

We call the attention of our readers to our new club rates; these were suspended daring the war, and are now restored. The Horticulturist opens this year with the largest list of subscribers we have yet known. Satisfactory as it is, we believe it can still be increased, with mutual benefit to both readers and publishers. We hope, therefore, that all will avail themselves of the low club rates offered, which, where twenty copies are taken, reduces the cost to one dollar and twenty-five cents per copy. The present standard will be maintained except where improvements can be made.

The double white pyrethrum and the double white milfoil are two valuable and suitable plants for placing on the graves of deceased relatives or friends.

Catalogues, Etc., Received.

Washburn & Co., Boston, Mass., Amateur Cultivator's Guide to the Flower and Kitchen Garden, 140 pages, with illustrations.

T. C. Wendel, 518 Washington Street, Boston, Mass. Flower and Garden seeds.

Bronson, Graves & Selover, Geneva, N. Y. No. 1, Descriptive catalogue, Fruit depart-ment; No. 2, Ornamental department.

Alfred Bridgeman, 876 Broadway, New-York. Flower seeds.

John Saul, Washington, D. C. Descriptive catalogue of new, rare, and beautiful plants.

W. & T. Smith, Geneva, N. Y. Catalogue of Geneva nurseries.

F. C. Johnson & Co., New Albany, Ind. Fruit-trees, vines, roses, etc.

R. Halliday & Son, Baltimore, Md. Roses, verbenas, and bedding plants.

Vilmorin, Andrieux & Co., Paris, France. General Catalogue of seed.

Hubbard & Davis, Wayne, Mich. Trees, shrubs, and plants.

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J. W. Coburn, Flushing, L. L Prince nurseries.

John Crane, Union, N. J. Price list of small fruits.

George Such, South Amboy, N. J. New and beautiful plants.

R. G. Hanford, Columbus, O. New plants.

J. W. Manning, Reading, Mass. Catalogue of Reading nursery.

W. S. Little, Rochester, N. Y. Circular of wholesale prices.