By Mark Hill - a basket and two bouquets. By J. J. Habermehl - , basket and a pair of bouquets. By Robert Kilvington - a cone bouquet of indigenous flowers, and a pair of bouquets. By H. A. Dreer - a pair of bouquets. By James Kent, gr. to J. F. Knorr - a pair of bouquets. Cut dahlias. - By Gerhard Schmitz - very fine seedlings; and by A. L. Felten, a large display.


By Mark Hill - Grapes: Black Hamburg, Black Prince, Black Frankenthal, Gris-aley Frontignac, White Frontignac, White Bual, Cochin China, and White Muscat of Alexandria. By John McLaughlin - Grapes: six bunches each of Seedling Frost, Schuylkill, Catawba, Fox, Black Prince, Chicken, Ohio, Isabella, Elsinboro', Xeres, and Black Hamburgh. Pears: four specimens each of St. Germain, Brown Beurre', White Doyenne, Napoleon, Broom Park, Duchesse d'Angouleme, Le Cure, Passe Colmar, and Kingsessing. By Mrs. C. Mackau - Pears: Chaumontel, Belle de Montigney, B. Gris, Baker, Bameiux, Ananas, Columbia, Liberal, Angleterre St. Germain, Lawrence, Fondante des Malines, Duchesse d'Angouleme, Andrews, Passe Colmar, St. Ghislan, Deliase de Van Mons, Bartlett, D. d'Hiver, Fulton, and Tresor Amour. By Charles Sutherland, gr. to John Anspach - three bunches of White Syrian Grapes. By Geo. W. Earl - a fine seedling Clingstone Peach. By John Chambers - a good seedling Peach. By Peter Raabe - a specimen of the "Clara" grape - a seedling.

By L. Chamberlain - Isabella Grapes.


By A. L. Felten - a large and fine display. By Robert Dunlap - a very good display. By M. Murphy, gr. to J. C. Vogdes - a small display. By B. Higgins, gr. to D. R. King - specimens of the "Loof" fruit, or Wash-rag Plant, from seed brought from Cairo by Dr. Dorr.

November 20,1855. - The stated meeting was held this evening - Caleb Cope in the chair.

Premiume - awarded by the Committee on Plants and Flowers, via: Collection of twelve Plants - for the best, to Thos. Robertson. Speciment Plant - for the best, to the same. Table Design - for the best, to Thos. Meghran, gr. to M. Bouvier. Basket of Cut Flowers - for the best, to Jerome Graff, gr. to Caleb Cope; for the second best, to J. J. Habermehl. Bouquets - for the best pair, to Jerome Graff; for the second best, to J. J. Habermehl. Cry-santhemums, twelve plants - for the best dwarf varieties, to the same; for the best specimen of a large variety, to the same; for the best of a dwarf variety, to Barry Higgins. Special Premiums - one dollar to Alexander Parker, for a collection of Chrysanthemums; and three dollars to Jerome Graff, for a collection of Orchids.

By The Fruit Committee

Pears, collection of fifty specimens of five varieties - for the best, to Isaac B. Baxter. Special Premiums-four dollars to Mrs. C. Mackau, for a very fine collection of Pears; four dollars to Jerome Graff, for a fine collection of Pears and Grapes. As these did not comply with the regulations, they could not compete for the Schedule Premiums.

By The Committee On Vegetables

Celery - for the best six stalks, to James Jones, gr. at the Girard College; for the second best, to J. J. Habermehl. Brussels Sprouts - for the best six stalks, to A. L. Felten; for the second best, to Barry Higgins. For the best display of Vegetables by a market gardener, to A. L. Felten. Special premiums two dollars to M. Hagerty, gr. to Joseph Harrison, for a small display of fine vegetables; one dollar to Wm. Johns, for four dishes of fine Tomatoes, very perfect; one dollar to A. L. Felten, for a superior display of cauliflowers. The Committee noticed two very superior heads of cauliflowers, shown by Maurice Finn, gr. at the Eastern Penitentiary; and called the attention of the Society to a beautiful display of heads of wheat, rye, oats, barley, and a few large potatoes grown in California, and exhibited by Robert Cornelius.

Objects Shown

Plants by Thos. Robertson - Aphelandra cristata, Epiphyllum truncatum, Daphne indica, Amaryllis aulica, Geissomeria longiflora, Cuphea platycentra, Primula pleno-alba, Geranium Tom Thumb, G. unique, Pentas cornea, Torenia Asiatica, and Plumbago rosea; specimen, Linum trigynum. By Jerome Graff - Orchides, Zygopetalum Mackayii, Stanhopea species, Calanthe veratrifolia, and Maxillaria picta. By J. J. Habermehl - twelve dwarf Crysanthemums, and specimens of the large and dwarf kinds. By Robert Buist - Ardisia crenulatafructo-alba, and a blue Salvia from Mexican seed - a new variety. By B. Higgins - specimen, dwarf Chrysanthemum. By Alexander Parker - a great variety of Chrysanthemums.

Designs, Baskets, And Bouquets

By Jerome Graff - a basket bearing a cut the flower of Victoria in the centre, and a pair of bouquets. By J. J. Habermehl - a basket and a pair of bouquets. By Thos. Meghran - a design. By James Kent - three bouquets.


By Isaac B. Baxter - Pears: St. Germain, Le Curl, Passe Colmar, Broom Park, and Duchesse d'Angouleme. By Jerome Graff - Grapes: Muscat of Alexandria, Purple Damask, Syrian, ko. - Pears: Passe Colmar, Easter Beurra, Niles, La Fortunie, B. D'Aremberg, D. Blanc, B. Diel, and Winter Nelis. By Mrs. C. Mackau - Pears: B. Gris, Liberal, B. D'Aremberg, Bon Cretein, Angleterre Noisette, St. Germain d'Automne, Glout Morceau, Duchesse d'Angouleme, Andrews, Bartlett, D. d'Hiver, Epine Dumas, D. Blanc, Lawrence. By Alexander Parker - Pears: two kinds.


By A. L. Felten - a large and varied display of excellent growth. By M. Haggerty - a small display. By Wm. Johns - Tomatoes, cut fresh from the vines grown in pots under glass. By Jerome' Graff - Brussels Sprouts. By B. Higgins - Brussels Sprouts. By James Jones - fine Celery. By Robert Cornelius - seeds of wheat, rye, oats, and barley; also, large potatoes grown in California.

[Note. - The reports of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, always welcome, have heretofore repeated the name of the employer each time that the gardener's name was mentioned. A repetition, we are assured, no one requires. The excellent Secretary will see that we have diminished his report in this particular for the sake of space for other matters. - En,]