For market, it is very important that the fruit be large, handsome, firm, with a tough skin. Some of our most delicious cherries, such as Yellow Spanish and Coe's Transparent, are so tender in skin or flesh as to be almost worthless for shipping.

Black Tartarian stands decidedly at the head of the list for profit. It meets with the most ready sale of all varieties. It is uniformly productive, very large, heart shape, purplish black, firm, juicy, sweet. We would advise any one in this vicinity setting out for market a cherry orchard, to plant three-fourths of them Black Tartarian.

Among other kinds of black or purple cherries sold quite largely in Rochester markets are, Black Eagle, Knight's Early Black, and Black Russian - the latter a late, firm, rather bitter, second or third rate cherry, which sometimes sells well on account of its lateness.

Napoleon Bigarreau - probably the most profitable yellow cherry for market. Very large, heart-shape, pale yellow, with red cheek, flesh firm, juicy, good. Tree vigorous and productive. This variety is in demand for canning - the yellow being preferred to the red for that purpose - and probably ranks next to the Black Tartarian for profit.

We select the above kinds most extensively grown for market here. We have little doubt that those who should confine themselves to Black Tartarian and Napoleon Bigarreau would come out with the most money. For family use, we would plant one tree each of Yellow Spanish, Coe's Transparent, Rockport, May-Duke, and Reine Hortense. - Rural Home.

The Charles Downing Strawberry. J. L. Budd, Shellsburg, Iowa, says: "We surely need a strawberry for home use with less acid in it than the Wilson, at the same time retaining, as far as possible, the hardy, habit and productiveness of the latter. So far as my experience and observation go, the Charles Downing is just about the berry we have been looking for. It is of large sice, moderately firm, of most excellent flavor, plants vigorous and hardy, about as productive as the Wilson, and the strength of the plant is such that the berries are held up from the dirt much better than with the Wilson." of Rural AH and Taste.