We are indebted to Charles Butler, Esq., of Hart's Comers, for some fine Black Hamburgh Grapes. Bunch and berry of good size, finely ripened, and covered with a beautiful bloom. Mr. Ellis, his gardener, is one of the best growers we have.

We are indebted to Mr. C. N. Bement, of Poughkeepsie, for three samples of native wine, labelled Catawba, Isabella, and Claret, which he assures us are entirely free from adulteration, and we do not doubt it. They are fair samples of American wine, the best being, in our opinion, the Claret, and a good substitute for that wine. We are fast becoming a wine-making people, and we hope our wine manufacturers will avoid the villainous adulterations now so common with imported wines. If all are conscientious men like Mr. Bement and others, we shall have nothing to fear.

Some time since we received the circular of some association for improving villages by plant-tag trees, or something of that kind. It "went" from our table with some other matters, but we should be glad to have another copy, since the subject impressed us very favorably, and we intended to lay it before our readers.

Black Hamburgh Grapes #1

Mr. Ellis has just placed on our table tome splendid Black Hamburgh Grapes. Some of the bunches weigh two pounds each; others a trifle less. The berries are finely colored, well ripened, with a handsome bloom, and are in all respecta first rate. Mr. Ellis is "hard to beat" in growing grapes.