The antirrhinum is becoming extremely popular, a position it well merits, not only for its easy culture and propagation, but for its beautiful flowers, which are variegated in color, from pure white and yellow to deep crimson, with all the varied colors combined upon the same flower - the result of careful hybridization: for exhibition or grouping in masses in the flower-garden there are but few herbaceous plants which afford more pleasure to the lover of beautiful summer flowers. The season of flowering will depend upon the time of raising the plants from seed or cuttings - the latter may be taken from the last week in August to the end of September - placed in a sandy soil under a hand-glass, in a situation sheltered from the mid-day sun. When rooted, they should be potted in small pots in a mixture of sandy loam and leaf-mold or peat, pinching off their tops and placing them in a cool frame until sufficiently established to bear exposure to the open air. After which the sash may be left off night and day until the approach of hard frost; the cool frame will be the best place to protect them in during the winter months.

In the spring, as soon as the ground is in good working order, plant them out in the flower-borders, or group them in masses upon the lawn in soil well manured with old cow-dung. Here they will continue to throw up their beautiful spikes of flowers from June until November.