At this season almost every one is making their selection of roses. We need not give a list here of any elaborate varieties, but only repeat the following, which, by general agreement of the florists, is the best for ordinary amateur culture.

General Washington

Brilliant, rosy carmine, approaching to scarlet; very large and fine form; free bloomer.

Caroline De Sansal

Clear, delicate flesh color, becoming blush; large and full.

La Heine

Brilliant, glossy rose color; very large; cupped and beautiful.

John Hopper

Deep rose, with crimson center; very large and fine form.

Victor Verdier

Clear rose, globular, fine form, and free bloomer.

General Jacqueminot

Rich fiery crimson; abundant bloomer. One of the best for bouquets, but casts its petals too soon for a garden bloomer.

Baronne Prevost

Deep rose, very large and fine; free bloomer; vigorous grower.

Anne De Diesbach

Bright rosy carmine; beautiful form; very large and double.

Madame Alfred De Rougemont

Pure white; large and very double; profuse bloomer.

Triomphe De L' Expos It Ion

Rich deep red, shaded with crimson; flowers in large olusters*


Light pink; very large and full; fine in autumn.