We have received from E. A. McKay, of Naples, a box of Isabella Grapes from his vineyard - the largest and most perfectly ripened we have seen this season, and as fine as we have ever seen. Part of them were gathered September 6th, part on the 12th, and about half the entire crop was ripe on the 21st. Mr. McKay has promised some more "facts" respecting his mode of culture. His last statement attracted some attention, and is not forgotten.

It is estimated that the Grape crop of Ohio and Pierce Townships, in Clermont county, Ohio, reaches between fifty and sixty thousand dollars annually. Last year is the only one which proved entirely successful in the culture of the Grape; but the prospects are quite fair for the present season. Mr. Weir, the largest Grape-grower in the vicinity of New Richmond, says that he made thirty-three hundred gallons of the juice in 1853.

Isabella Grapes #1

E. A. McKay, Esq., of Naples, informs us that he has gathered 8,000 pounds of Grapes from an acre of vines, 6,000 pounds of which are marketable and fine. We acknowledged a sample of them, in our last number. Most of them are sold in the Canadian cities. A New York hotel offered fifteen cents per pound for the whole crop, to be delivered at intervals daring the winter; but Mr. McKay preferred disposing of them in the fall.

Speaking of New York hotels, reminds us of their shabby fruit desserts. At the very best, where $2,50 per day is charged, one can not find a good Pear or a good bunch of Grapes on the table. Those who want such things must go to Taylor's or Thompson's, and pay for them. Our hotel accommodations generally are good enough; but in the matter of fruit desserts, there is ample scope for improvement Which of them will take the lead.

Isabella Grapes #2

E. A. McKay, Esq., of Naples, Ontario County, N. Y., sent us1 a box of Isabella Grapes on the 18th of January, as fresh in appearance and perfect in flavor as they were when taken from the vines. We have never tasted better Grapes at this season of the year. Mr. Mokay says: " They have been kept in a cool, dry cellar, without the proximity of sawdust, cotton, or any other foreign substance. I hope you will receive them in good order. My crop the past season amounted to over five and a half tons, or 11,000 lbs.; extent of vineyard, one acre".

Isabella Grapes #3

See that the soil is perfectly free from stagnant moisture, and fork in around it some old well decomposed stable manure and a few broken bones or shells. Water occasionally during summer with soap-suds.