We called in at the store of A. G. Munn & Co., on Saturday, to examine the disay of Strawberries exhibited as the first weekly show or the season, held under the auspices of the Kentucky Horticultural Society. There was quite a spirited competition among contributors, and in the exhibition some 19 or more varieties were represented. Orinshy Hire, Esq., displayed a basket of the Attack Prince, which we thought very fine. W. L. Green exhibited a beautifully colored basket of what he termed Carolina Pines. Mr. James Orr had the British Queen, and one other variety, both of which appeared to be well grown. A .G. Munn, Esq., exhibited! quite a number of varieties, and among them several that were superb. Hid Black Prince, Boston Pme and Burrs' New Pme, would have been hard to beat in any Strawberry community. John Thutcher, Esq . also exhibited a single plate of the Black Prince, not inferior to any upon the society's tables in appearance, and we rather thought the berries larger than those of any other contributor of the same kind. Mr. Edward Wilson, as usual represented Flora on this occasion, gracing the tables who, a fine boquet of cut flowers. There was but one contributor of vegetables, Mr. P. Birkenmayer. But his display was highly creditable to his skill as a grower.

His specimens of asparagus were very large, and, although we have seen heads of the cauliflower of greater size than that exhibited by him, still we think the fastidious taste of Dr. Johnson himself, who thought the cauliflower "the fairest of all flowers," could scarcely have desired firmer or more compact heads, or heads more perfectly white. - Louisville Journal.