The land can well sustain so much cropping, on account of the heavy dungings, trenchings. and hoeings, which it receives. If you ask a market gardener what is to succeed this or that crop, the answer is "Don't know; it depends upon what is ready for planting." Continued trenching two spades deep seems expensive: but market gardeners know that after an active crop the top soil for several inches is quite exhausted, and hence the reason for continued trenching, to bring up the top soil that but a few months before had been turned down, with a large proportion of dung to enrich it, and fit it for active use along with the half decayed manure. The laborers employed on 150 acres arc seventy during winter, and in summer about 150. The cost per acre is from 9 to 10; the tithes being 10s. to 12s. per acre. Some idea of the amount of labor consumed on small matters will be conceived when I state that the whole of the frames, amounting to one thousand lights, and the hand glasses, to four thousand, are repaired every autumn.- Gard. Chron., p. 4.