The following is a list of the premiums awarded at the late Exhibition of this Society.

Prizes. Apples

For the best 80 varieties, of 12 specimens each, the Lyman plate, rained at $80, to Messrs.

Butt, Hlngham; for the second beat, $20, B. V. French, Braintree; for the third best, $10, Josiah Lovett, Beverly.

For the beet twelve varieties of twelve specimens each, the Society's plate, valued at $90, B, V. French, Braintree;

Ibr the second best, $15, J. B. koore, Concord; for the third best, $15, Messrs. Bnrr, Hlngham; for the fourth best.

AS, John Gordon, Brighton. For the best dish of Apples, twelve specimens of one variety, $6, James Guild, Roxbury; for the second best, $6, Francis Marsh, Dedham; for the third best, $4, John Gilbert, Hillsboro'N. H.; for the fourth beet, $3, B. V. French, Braintree.


For the best thirty varieties of twelve specimens each, the Lyman plate, valued at $80, to M. P. Wilder, Dorchester; for the second best, $10, Hovey & Co., Cambridge; for the third best, $10, Josiah Stickney, Watertown. For the best twelve varieties of twelve specimens each, the Lyman plate, valued at $90, Josiah Stickney, Watertown; for the second best, $16, Josiah Blehardson, Cambridge; for the third best, $19, W. B. Austin, Dorchester; for the fourth best, $S, J. H. Stetson, Quincy. For the best dish of pears, twelve specimens of one variety, $6, Nahum Stetson, Bridgewater; second best, $5, Josah Richardson, Cambridge; third best, $4, John Gordon, Brighton; fourth best, 38, J. A. Stetson, Quincy.

Ammorted Fruit

For be best basket of fruit of various kinds, $8, to M. P. Wilder, Dorchester; for the second.


For the beet five varieties, two bunches each, $12, W. C. Strong, Newton; second beat, $8, Mrs. F. B. Durfee, Fall River; third best $5, Charles E. Grant, Roxbury. For the best two varieties, two bunches each, $6, Thomas Page, Waltham; second best, $4, C. 8. Holbrook, E. Randolph; third best, $9, J. Prltchard, W. Roxbury.


For the best dish of not leas than twelve, $5, William Bacon, Roxbury; second best, $3, D. E. Jewed, Westboro.

Vase Boquets

For the best pair suitable for the Bradlee Yases, a prize of the Bradlee plate, valued at $10, to Evers k. Bock, Brighton; second best, $5, James Nugent, Jamaica Plain; for the bait pair fur the Society's Marble Vases, $10, Wlnship & Co., Brighton.

Parlor Boquets

For the beat pair suitable for the parlor, $8, to M. P. Wilder, Dorchester; second best, $6, Evers & Bock, Brighton; third beat, $5, James Nugent, Jamaica Plain; fourth beat, $8, Wlnship & Co., Brighton.

Pot Plants

For the best display of not less than twenty pots, a prize of 512, to J. P. Cunning, Watertown; second best, $10, Thomas Page, Waltham; third best, $8, Azell Bowditeh, Roxbury; fourth best, $5, M. P. Wilder, Dorchester.


For the beat six pots, a prize of $8, to J. Kelley, Watertown.


For the best display, and greatest variety at the Annual Exhibition, $10, to B V. French, Bratntree; second beat, $8, Henry Bradlee, Medford; third best, $6, Stone & Co.; fourth best, $1, John B. Moore. Mammoth Squash. - For the largest and best, the Society's Sliver Medal, to Amos W. Stetson, E. Bratntree; for the second best, $3, Messrs. Derby, Salem. Pumpkins. - For the largest and best, the Society's Silver medal, to T. McCarty, Roxbury; for the second best, $8, George Nelson, Lexington.

Gratuities. Peaches And Nectarines

George W. Willis, Chelsea, $8; Joslah Richardson, Cambrldgeport, $8; Nahum Stetson, Bridge water, $3; II. Y. Gilson, E. Cambridge, $2; E. C. Stevens, Dorchester, $2.

Basket* Of Assorted Fruit

E. M. Richards, Dedham, $2; W. A, Crafts, Roxbury, $2; Nahum Stetson, Bridge-water, $8; Misses cordwell, Roxbury, $8.


William Blake, Jamaica Plain, $2; Joseph Brack & Son, Brighton, $5; W. C Strong, Newton, $8.


A. D. Williams, Roxbury, $10; Bowen Harrington, Lexington, $6; Samuel G. Hyde, Newton, $8; Josiah Stickney, Watertown, $0; W. R. Austin, Northern Spy, $3; John Parker, Acton, Blue Pearmam, $8; Joaiah Richardson, Cambridge, Ribston Pippin $3; Levi Brlgham, Saxonville, Nonpariel $8; E. M. Rieharda, Dedham, Gravenstein $8; Jas. Eustls, 8. Reading, Gravenstein $8; Theodore Clapp, Dorchester, Gravenstein, $8; John Gordon, Brighton, Grand Sachem, $8; Josiah Stickney, Watertown, 20 oz. Pippin, $8; A. W. Withington, Dorchester, St Lawrence, $8; Benjamin Bliss, Porter, $8; Peter Law son, Lowell, collection, $5; Thos. Page, Waltham, da $8; A. W. Stetson, E. Bratntree, do. $7; C. S. Holbrook, E. Randolph, da $8; Cheever Newhall, Dorchester, da $8; John A. Kenrlek, Newton, do., $8; James Eustls, 8. Reading, da, $7; Even & Bock, Brighton, do, $6; E. Winslow, Roxbury, do. $8; Eben Wight, Dedham, da $6; Josiah Newhall, do. $8.


George Southard, Roxbury, Louise Boone, $8; Samuel Downer, Dorchester, line specimens, $10; Samuel Walker, collection, 910; J. S. Cabot, Salem, da $10; J. 8. Sleeper, Roxbury, do, $5; Josiah Lovett, Beverly, da $6; Wlnship & Co., Brighton, do. $6; William Bacon, Roxbury, Fine speehnens, $5; Henry Vandine, Cambridge, collection, $5; Robert Manning, Salem, do, $10.


B. V. French, Brain tree, $1; Nahum Stetson, Bridgewater, $8; Josiah Stickney, Watertown, $2; Galen Metrlam, Newton, $1; A. D. Webber, W. Needham, $2; H. Bradlee, Medford, $2.

Pot Plants

Wlnship & Co., Brighton, $8; Even & Bock, Brighton, $8; Geo W. Colamore, Boston, $9; Mas. Gorely, $1; Moses B. Williams, Brookllne, $6; M. P. Wilder, Dorchester, $5; J. Mason, Cambridgeport, $1.

Floral Designs

Mrs. William Kenrlek, Newton, $5; Miss F. A. Russell, Newton, $2; W. C. Strong, Newton, $7; do do $1; Miss Fannie Wight, Dedham, $5; Curtlss & Lincoln, Boston, $6; Miss Mary M. Kenrick, Newton, $8; Azell Bowditeh, Roxbury, $8.


William E. Carter, Cambridge, $2; C. 8. Holbrook, East Randolph, $2; Messrs. Burr, Hlngham, $4; Jonathan Morris, Newtonville, $5; Master A. G. Read, Boston, for basket artificial flowers, $2.


For fine display - John Gordon, Brighton, $2; Josiah Crosby, W. Cambridge, $8; Nahum Stetson, Bridgewater, $1 Davis Seedling Potatoes, display - H. L. Shattuck, Concord, $2; A. Bowditeh, Roxbury, $6 Josiah Stickney, Watertown, $4; 8. B. Pierce, Dorchester, $2; C. 8. Holbrook, E. Randolph, $2. Sea Kale, display: James L. Little, Swampsoott, $1; Timothy McCarty, Roxbury, $8; James Nugent, Jamaica Plain, $8. Squash.

Wlnship & Co., Brighton, $2. Hybrid Squashes. - A. W. Stetson, E. Bratntree, $10. Corn, display. - Messrs. Burr, Hingham, $2; Bowen Harrington, Lexington, $4; A. D. Williams, Roxbury, $4; Galen Merriam, Newton, $4; A. D. Webber, Needham, $4. Lima Beans. - Samuel Jordan, East Stoughton, $1. Potatoes, display. - Jamea Hyde & Son, Newton, $8; A. R. Pope, SomervIIIe, $2. Celery. - Bowen Harrington, Lexington, $2. Potatoes, (Davis) J. B. Moore, Concord, $3, Squash, collection. - E. M. Richards, Dedham, $1; George R. Sampson, Roxbury, $S. Tomatoes. - Peter Lawson, Lowell, $1. Potatoes, (new). - B. Y. French, Braintree, $2. Summer Squash. - Henry Bradlee, Medford, $8.

The fall Exhibition of the Genesee Valley Horticultural Society was held on the 21st and 22d of September. The show of Fruit, particularly Pears, was very fine. The exhibition of Flowers was not equal to some previous shows, in consequence of the extreme drouth of the summer and fall.

We have received notices of several exhibitiens, which took place late in September, which we shall give in oar next.