A MONTHLY JOURNAL OF Horticultural Science, Landscape Gardening, and Rural Art.



AUTHOR OF THE FRUITs OF AMERICA. Complete Se nty-eight Volumes, handsomely bound, $2 each.

The Fourth Volume of the Fourth Series (Vol. XXIX,) commences on the 1st of January After a period of 28 years it is unnecessary to speak of the Magazine. Every subject connected with Gardens and Gardening has been treated upon in the several Volumes. Among special subjects, the Culture of the Pear and Grape (both in the open air and under glass) bare had par-ticular attention; more than 250 varieties of the Pear have been described and figured. Pomology has been a leading feature. Orchard House Culture has been fully described, and Flower Gardening, Landscape Gardening, the treatment of Ornamental Plantations, and Rural Art have bal every attention.

Every new Fruit, Flower, Plant, Tree, and Vegetable, introduced during the last 30 years will be found recorded in its pages. In addition to these subjects, a A MONTHLY CALENDAR OF HORTICULTURAL OPERATIONs will be given in detail, adapted to the wants of amateur cultivators, reminding them of the roatine of operations which are necessary to be performed in the Fruit Garden, Flower Garden, Orna mental Grounds, Green-houses, Graperies, And Kitchen Garden, through the varying seasons of the year. In fine, giving all the information which the amateur or the country gentleman requires to manage successfully the smallest or the largest garden.