The growth and appearance of this new California evergreen are extremely graceful and beautiful. With foliage between the arborvitae and cy-press, it throws out its limbs or branches at first horizontally; but they soon assume a gentle, graceful curve upward, that gives the tree a light, easy, attractively-pleasing form. Its hardihood is perhaps not yet 9 perfectly tested, but there is every reason to believe, from the many exposures that trees of it have received, and their so far success, that it will prove hardy in most locations. The tree, from the peculiar habit it has of making perpendicular rather than horizontal roots, should be transplanted while quite young, say not more than two or three years old. As a graceful lawn tree, looking forward to immense size, or as a tree in the formation of light and airy groups on new places, it should be freely planted. The Thujopsis Borealis is a new evergreen, with delicate foliage, resembling somewhat the cypress, rather dark in color, of a rapid growth, hardy; and for planting where delicacy in spray and foliage is desirable, it promises of value.

We have seen few specimens of any size.

The Lawson Cypress.

Fig. 59. - The Lawson Cypress.