In this beautiful class, the varieties are becoming numerous, and we shall doubtless have, ere long, perpetual blooming sorts worthy of the name. Of the kinds now so called, few will bloom more than twice, and many, if I am not mistaken, will do so much only with careful culture and pruning. General Drouat is one of these, of a fine dark crimson color, but not very double. White Perpetual is well known for the beauty of its immense clusters of buds. The expanded flower is not pretty, and I have rarely found it to bloom more than once. I imagine that the most certain method of obtaining flowers from these sorts in autumn, is to prune back the shoot below the flower buds, as soon as the latter are readily perceptible. This will, if the soil is in proper condition, cause a second crop of shoots to push, which should flower finely.

Among the old varieties, the Blush and Common Red are still favorites, and not yet to be dispensed with. Celina, of more modern origin, is a fine crimson, and has few equals.

Comtesse de Murinais is one of the most desirable. Its buds are of a delicate blush, and the just opened roses, a pale flesh, soon changing to pure white, and quite double. Charlotte de Sor is a finely shaped rose-colored variety.

Crimson, a free grower, and quite pretty; not very double.

AEtna, light crimson; sometimes quite brilliant and pretty.

Jean Bodin is a very fine rose, deep pink; of a beautifully cupped shape, and quite double.

Lanei, deep rose, sometimes nearly crimson; not very full.

Luxembourg, a magnificent crimson, but sadly deficient in petals; its buds are exquisite.

Marie de Blois is very large, of a bright rose-color, and quite double, but a coarse flower; its habit is very robust. »

Presque Partout is exceedingly mossy, the leaves and branches being nearly covered. The flower is bright rose, full and pretty. Moss Moss and Zoe are very similar to, if not identical with, this sort.

Princess Adelaide is a magnificent rose, nearly as large and quite as double as the Cabbage Provence. It is a deep blush, well shaped, and extremely vigorous.

Soeur Manthe, rose, beautifully formed, very pretty.

Unique Nouvelle is a fine dark crimson, somewhat mottled; very full and fine. The darkest Moss that I have seen.

Mosses #1

Bunches of dyed moss are to be purchased of all seedsmen, in the cities; we dwellers in cities cannot avail ourselves of them if we would; but we can make them even prettier than those exposed for sale. Gather the moss, pick out all the debris, cleanse from dirt, and dry in the sun; then dip into Judson's dye; spread on paper to dry by fire or sunlight. We gathered last year a very finely fibred moss, dyed it a lovely green, and saved some of the original colors to mingle its brown hues with it. Then we took the "hoops" from an old skirt, tied them together, and on the circlet tied wreaths, which city friends said ' surpassed those displayed in the shops."