On the 15th of April last an act was passed by the Legislature of this State incorporating the "New York State Agricultural College." No appropriation has been made by the State for this college, but we suppose it will receive its apportionment of the literary fund, under the control of the Regents of the University. It is fortunate in this respect, being placed wholly beyond the control of politicians. The beautiful farm of JonN Delafield, near Geneva, has been purchased by the Trustees, and the college will be put in working order as soon as possible. Of the farm of Mr. Delafield the Geneva Courier says:

"Perhaps there it not another position in this State where there are so many things combined to render it just the place for such a seminary. The soil is the very best, and this farm of three hundred acres is under the very highest cultivation. It is accessible from every part of the country by railroad and steamboat, and its position within a mile of Seneca Lake, which it overlooks, renders that feature of it strikingly picturesque and beautiful. Mr. D.'s residence is half a mile from the public road, and the college buildings and ground, although overlooked by Geneva, will be beautifully retired and away from observation. We know of no position, other things being equal, which can compare with the farm of Mr. Delafilld for such an institution".

The following are the officers:

President. - JOHN DELAFIELD, of Oaklands, Seneca county. Chairman of the Board of Trustees. - Hon. John A. King, Jamaica, Queens county. Secretary of the Board of Trustees. - Joel W. Bacon, of Waterloo, Seneca county. Treasurer. - N. B. Kidded, of Geneva, Ontario county.

New York State Agricultural College #1

Charter, Ordinances, Regulations, and Course of Studies. Officers. President, M. R. Patrick, N. Y. Ag. College, Ovid, Seneca Co., N. Y.; Chairman Board of Trustees, Hon. John A. King, Jamaica, L. I.; Sec. Board of Trustees^ Beoj. P. Johnson, Albany; Treasurer, Arad Joy, Ovid; Counsel to the Board, Hon. John E Seeley, Ovid; Executive Committee, Samuel Cheever, Henry Wager, Alexander Thompson, Arad Joy, James O. Sheldon; Finance Committee, Henry Wager, J. B. Williams, A. A. Post; Building Committee, Henry Wager, Alexander Thompson, Benj. N. Huntington; Farm Committee, Henry Wager, Alexander Thompson, James O. Sheldon; Architect, S. E. Hewes, Esq.; Pro-fessor of Agricultural Chemistry, Botany, etc, Prof. William H. Brewer; Trustees, Hon. John A.

King, Jamaica, Hon. William Kelly, Rhioebeck, Hon. Henry Wager, Western, Hod. B. P. Johnson, Albany, Hon. William Buell, Rochester, Joel W. Bacon, Esq , Waterloo, Hon. Abraham A. Post, Flint Creek, Hon. Addison Gardiner, Rochester, Hon. J. B. Williams, Ithaca, Alexander Thompson, M. D., Aurora, E P. Prentice, Esq., Albany, Maj. M. R. Patrick, Ovid, Hon. Samuel Cheever, Waterford, Arad Joy, Esq., Ovid, Rufus K. Delafield, Esq., New York, James O. Sheldon, Esq., Geneva, Hon. Benj. Huntington, Rome.

The college is situated at Ovid, Seneca Co., N. T. Its object is to combine theoretical and practical knowledge, to improve the mind and the body at the same time, and thus make healtby, vigorous, industrious, and useful men. It has our warmest commendation.