Some of the State reports speak of nurserymen as persons of rather doubtful reputation, and "nurserymen's humbugs" are sometimes alluded to. We do not think this is unjust; for, with some very honorable exceptions, that profession, more than any other, has been filled in this country by quacks and pretenders. We happen to know a few who have so very little knowledge of pomology as not to be able to distinguish some of the most common fruits - who positively, for instance, do not know a Baldwin from a Spitzenberg, nor a Bartlett from an Urbaniste, - who succeed in crowding annually thousands of dollars worth of trees into market, and who impose vast numbers of spurious sorts on the public They sell a little "cheaper" and this explains the whole. While these things are so, we are willing the "profession" shall have its richly-earned reputation; and those who are capable and honest, must build a character on their individual merits. - Country Gentleman.

The Country Gentleman is right. The country is overrun with persons who represent themselves as nurserymen, or agents of nurserymen, while they are merely unprincipled speculators, endeavoring to live and fatten upon the credulity of the public and the well-earned reputation of honest nurserymen. The man who buys trees from any one, without demanding the most satisfactory evidence that he is a reliable and responsible nurseryman, or the agent of such, deserves to be cheated, and we have no sympathy for him.