24 blooms: 1st, Mr. Turner, of Slough, with Bob, Mr. Selden, Queen of Lilacs, Sir J. Franklin, Malvini, Thames, Bank Hero, Sir C. Napier, Amazon, Duchess of Kent, Miss Caroline, E. Foster, Princess Radziwill, Miss. Spears, Mr. Herbert, Sir R. Peel, Exquisite, General Faucher, Fearless, G. Villiers, Rose of England, Essex Triumph, Sir F. Bathurst, Wellington, and Queen of Whites; 2d, Mr. Keynes, of Salisbury, with Negro, Queen of Whites, Morning Star, Mrs. Selden, Mr. Selden, Beauty of Kent, General Faucher, Miss Caroline, Louisa Glenny, Malvina, Douglas Jerrold, Sir F. Bathurst, Model, Queen of Yellows, Capt. Warner, Admiral, Exquisite, Wellington, Magnificent, Lilac King, and Sir C. Napier. Fancy Dahlias, 24 blooms, 18 varieties: 1st, Mr. Turner, with Glorie de Kain, Laura Lavington, Phaeton, Claudia, Duchess of Kent, Zebra, Elizabeth, Princess Charlotte, Lady Grenville, Mrs. Willis, Kingfisher, Kossuth, La Paeon Miss Ward, Spectabilis, Princess Helena, Attraction, and Reine de Fleurs; 2d, Mr. Keynes, with Mrs. Hansard, Laura Lavington, Rachel, Mrs. James, Flower of the Day, Empereur de Maroc, Gloire de Kain, Triumphant, Unanimity, Elizabeth, Phaeton, Princess Charlotte, Duchess of Kent, Spectabilis, Nancy, Reine de Beiges, Lady Grenville, and Wonderful.

In the Seedling tent there was a large number of flowers, the majority of which were inferior in quality to those already out; there were, however, a few first-class blooms. Those selected by the censors for certificates were Fanny Keynes (Keynes), pale yellow, tipped with rosy purple, large, and of fine form; Rachel Rawlings (Keynes), peach of lilac, of a very delicate shade, and exquisite in form; Ringleader (Holmes), a deep ruby rose, of the finest symmetry; Slough Beauty (Bragg), blush white, strongly tipped with crimson, full size, good outline, but center a little confused. There were several good fancy seedlings, which, also had certificates. Admiration (Green), white, edged with scarlet, is very attractive; color well distributed, flower full size. Leader (Keynes), a heavy striped flower, full, of good size and shape. Topsy (Keynes), white and purple, an improvement on Elegantissima. Marvel (Pope), orange, striped and mottled with red; novel. King of Yellows was also shown in good condition, as was likewise Wyness's Princess Royal, which is an attractive flower.

Fair Rosamond and Incomparable Verbenas, shown by Mr. Br agg, were fine flowers, as were also Forget-me-Not, Angelina, Triumph, Electra, and Nobilis-sima, from Mr. Smith, of Hornsey. Hollyhocks were confined to a stand of seedlings, from Messrs. Paul, who had beautiful specimens of the following, viz., Conspieua improved, Zenobia, Laura, Flambeau, Pink Model, Sir R. Peel, Lizzie, Prof. Dick, White, Globe, and one or two others. Some good specimens of Japan Lilies came from Messrs. Over, Barnes, and Gaines, and there was a nice collection of China Asters from Messrs. Fraser, of Leabridge Road Nursery. - London Gardeners' Chronicle.