A large Christmas box was carried out, from this region, by the Persia, which will be gratefully received by Sir William Hooker, at Kew Gardens, near London. They are a present from Dr. Darlington, and consist of nuts and seeds of our forest-trees, collected by Joshua Hoopes, Esq., at the request of Sir William. Last May, the doctor sent three boxes containing sections of our forest-trees and shrubs, each seotion a foot in length. These interchanges of value are highly interesting mementos, and serviceable in the highest degree. Our botanical friend has lately received Dr. Bromfields Flora of the Isle of Wight, a very complete and interesting work, which frequently mentions the Flora Cestrica of the recipient. Dr. Bromfield recently died, daring his oriental tour, at Damascus.

Peabody's Seedling Strawberry is now ready to be sent out. Mr. P. requests his subscribers to inform him when they wish to receive the plants. Address Charles A. Peabody, Columbus, Georgia.

The. Societe Regionale d'Acclimation of Nancy, have issued a curious pamphlet entitled "Une Precieuse Conquele a Faire," in which they earnestly recommend farmers to breed horses for human food ■

The Journal of the United States Agricultural Society for 1856, contains matter of great interest. - We trust it will be in the hands of all interested in the topics discussed, and can only point to a few of the matters it contains, hoping thereby to call attention to them, The "Relations of Meteorology to Agriculture," and Lieut. Maury's remarks, are especially worthy of perusal. Townsend Glover's paper on ,"Entomology as applied to Agriculture," will be read with deep interest and profit. The " True Value of Chemical Analysis of Soils," by Dr. John D. Easter, every farmer should study; that on ".Colza Oil," by Dr. Ware, demands further experiment, as promising profit from the cultivation of this plant. The " President's Addresses," and some of those of members and guests, may be read with profit. Altogether, this volume exhibits a spirit of investigation and progress highly creditable to our country and countrymen. The attendance exceeded, in numbers, any meeting of the kind. Louisville, Kentucky, is to be the place of holding the next meeting, and we consider this a judicious selection.