As promised in the early part of this volume, the whole of the articles written by the late A. J. Downing, and signed "An Old Digger," have now appeared in the months for which they were originally written. At the time of their appearance, it was not known who wrote them, and in the collected edition of his works, after the author's death, they were not included; there was a propriety, therefore, in reprinting the series here as soon as it was ascertained that they came from so distinguished a pen. If this had not been the case, their general excellence and practical character, coupled with the circumstance that a very large proportion of our present readers did not possess the volumes containing them, made their reproduction important. They are now finished, and we enter upon a new year untrammelled by "continuations,' and with much confidence in our various correspondents, and some hope that the experience gained in our two years and a half labors will conspire together to make the pages of the Horticulturist at least as valuable as heretofore.