AT last meeting of the Western N. Y. Horticultural Society, lists of valuable standard, or new trees and shrubs, were submitted by various members, of which the following, accompanying Mr. Ellwanger's report, were recommended as most valuable, worthy of dissemination:

New And Rare Deciduous Trees

Acacia viscosa bella rosea - Flowers delicate flesh-colored, fringed with yellow; fine dark foliage, and vigorous grower. A very desirable variety.

Alnus firma - A thrifty, medium-sized tree from Japan; foliage resembling a Morello cherry - very distinct.

Alnus incana laciniata - A very choice, beautiful variety; leaves deeply cut.

Alnus Japonica - A very distinct Japanese variety, with cherry-like foliage.

Pyrus malns carnea pleno - A beautiful variety, with flesh-colored double flowers.

Fagus quercifolia - Resembles the fern-leaved; distinct cut foliage; a dwarf grower.

Esculus heterophylla dissecta - Leaves deeply and finely cut; a very novel and attractive variety.

Esculus Memmingerii- - Beautiful white spotted foliage, curious and ornamental.

Tilia red fern - leaved - Foliage deeply cut , the bark on young growth rose colored.

Acer , Wiers cut-leaved - A rapid grower, shoots slender and drooping, in habit about as graceful as the cut-leaved Birch - the foliage is abundant, silvery underneath, deeply and delicately cut - the leaf stalks are long and tinted with red on the upper surface. We believe it will rank among the most interesting lawn trees, and may be easily adapted to small places by an occasional cutting back, which it will bear to any degree as well as a willow.

Quercus pedunculata laciniata - An elegant tree, foliage deeply cut, one of the best cut-leaved trees.

New And Rare Evergreens

Biota Semper Aurea - A new variety of the Aurea, which retains its golden tint the year round. So far it has proved hardy with us. A desirable acquisition.

Juniperus oblonga pendula - A native of Japan, of drooping habit, distinct and ornamental.

Juniperus Ckinetisis aurea - Young's Golden Juniper - This is no doubt the most distinct and beautiful of all the yellow or golden conifera, a vigorous grower.

Juniperus venusta - Foliage of a beautiful glaucus green color, erect and rapid grower. This is one of the handsomest Junipers we have seen.

New And Rare Deciduous Shrub

Deutzia crenata fi. alba plena - A very fine profuse flowering shrub - flowers pure white, fine and distinct.

Hydrangea Japonica alba - A charming shrub, flower of delicate rose color, changing to white.

Hydrangea Japonica macrocephala - Very large individual flowers, petals white, turning to rose as they acquire age.

Hydrangea Otaksa - Foliage of a beautiful deep green. The plant produces immense trusses of rose colored flowers in profusion; freerbloomer.

Lilac alba grandiflora - Very large pure white trusses. The finest white lilac.

Lilac Cornulia superba - Flowers light purple in bud, but when fully open a clear blue ; truss very large ; the finest of its color in cultivation .

Lilac Ville de Trayes - Dark purple; large panicle ; fine .

Spirea Fontenaysii - Vigorous and free bloomer; large panicles of white flowers.

Weigela Gustave Mallet - Red flowers; very showy; free bloomers.

Special reports on other subjects were presented, which we condense from the printed copy of proceedings, sent us by Mr . P. Barry, also from notes of the secretary, P. G. Reynolds.

Beet Six Varieties of Hardy Hoses, for General Cultivation.

Salet - a Moss rose, Madame Plan tier, Gen. Washington,

La France, Prairio Queen, Coquette dos Alps.

Best Twelve Varieties Rose.

In addition to the above list of six, the following were included, to make twelve :

Baltimore Belle, Madame Charles Wood, John Hopper,

Victor Verdier, Charles Lefebvre, Caroline de Sansal.

Best Twelve Deciduous Trees, for Lawns, Small or Large.

Magnolia Sonlangeana,

Horse Chestnut, - Double-flowering;

Beech, Pnrple;

Maple, Purple-leaved;

Birch, Cat-leaved, Weeping;

Alder, Imperial, Cot-leaved;


Thorn, Double Scarlet, Willow, Kilmarnock; Beech, Cut-leaved; Birch, Cat-leaved; Virgilia Lutea, Mountain Ash, Oak-leaved.

Trees Worthy of Special Recommendation.

Cherry, Large Double-flowering; Elm, Camperdown Weep fog;

Linden, White-leaved;

Magnolia Speciosa, Magnolia, Chinese; Maple, Wiers Cat-leaved; Cherry, Weeping; European Larch.

Best Twelve Flowering Shrubs.

Althea, Doable variegated; White Fringe, PrnnnsTriloba, Deutzla Crenata,; Japan Quince, Hydrangea, Paniculata Gradlflora;

Deutzia gracilis, Spirea prunifolia. Weigela Rosea, Weigela Nova, variegated; Purple Fringe, Almond, Double Dwarf White.

Additional,. Worthy of Favor,

Weigela, Hortensisniveia; Spiraea, Ballardii; Spiraea Reevesii, robusta; Lilac, alba grande; Cornus Mascula, varieg'd; Tartarian Horeysuckle, Wistaria, Chinese; Calycanthus Floridus,

Lilac Joseke,

Clematis Jackmanni,

Double Bed-flowering almond,

Mahonia Aqnifolia,

Paul's New Double Red Hawthorn,

Tree Peonia,

Forsytbii Vlridiesima, Althea, Pannia; Snowball,

Lilac, Cut-leaved; Syringa, Double fl.; Welgela Desports.

Best Six Evergreens for Small Lawns.

Juniper, Irish, robusta; Arbor Vitae, Tom Thumb; Pine pumilio,

Fine, Centura; Arbor Tito compact*, Juniper, Chinese.

Additional, Recommended.

Juniper, Golden, " venusta, " excelsa, " squamato, " Savin, " pendnla; Arbor Vitae, Siberian, " American, " pyramidata, " Hovey; Yew, elegantissima,


Retinispora plumosa an-rea,

Thuja semper aurea,


Cypress Lawsoniana,

Arbor Vitae, George Pea-body;

Hudsonica, Dwarf Fir;

Maxwell's Dwarf Spruce,

White Spruce.

Most Appropriate Trees for Small Cemetery


Juniper, Irish; Thorn, Cot-leaf; Willow, Kilmarnock; Birch, White Double-flowering; Deutzia gracilis,

Weeping Bird Cherry, Magnolia conspicus, Spiraea prunifolia, Hydrangea paniculata grandiflora.

In addition, the following were suggested:

Arbor Vitae, Hovey;

" pyramidata; Retinispora plamosa, Salisburia, Horse Chesnut, Doable white; Calycanthus,

Cornus mascula, varieg'd; Weigela nova, variegated; White Fringe, Buel, Young's New Weeping; Cherry, Dwarf Weeping.

We have devoted considerable space to the publication of these lists, because they are uniform and excellent answers to the many questions we have respecting trees or shrubs most suitable for planting in small places. We doubt if the list can be bettered, although in some cases, according to preference, one variety may be more popular than another.

Best Plant For Hedge

After general discussion, the verdict seemed to be in favor of the Honey Locust,

One observer had a Honey Locust Hedge, about 100 rods long, which had stood sixteen years, and was nearly perfect. He has never known a plant to die from effects of insects.

Another had known a hedge of Honey Locust, fifteen to twenty years old, perfect in every respect.

The Japan Quince was named for hedges, but its main objection was its slow growth.

Best Evergreens for Hedges, Screens and Belts.

No verdict was unanimously given, although the preference was shown for Norway Spruce.

On sandy soils, White Pine will succeed, while Hemlock will fail . One member said the finest hedge he ever saw was White Pine .

When to Want Ornamental Trees, Shrubs or


Transplant Norway Spruce in May or August ; September is too late .

Do not transplant Hemlock in July or August; early May is best; the quicker they start into growth, after transplanting, the better .