Rustic stumps and baskets are highly ornamental, when kept in perfect trim. Few things look better in front of a cottage than a basket on a pedestal of nnbarked timber; the basket itself woven of stout willows, or made from well selected pieces of tree loppings - the hazel, especially. In the fall, such a basket might be filled with bulbs, and covered thick with leaves in the winter. When these come out, it may be furnished with showy annuals, or a mixture of half hardy shrubby exotics. The plants best suited for summer blooming in rustic baskets, and on hollow tree stumps, are fuchsias, calceolarias, geraniums, hydrangeas, petunias, cinerarias, China roses, verbenas, nemophilas, mignonette, pimpernel of all kinds, and mimulas.

The stiff-growing plants should occupy the entre, and those of drooping habit the sides. If ferns are grown with flowers, the soil should be a soft peat, with a mixture of leaf mould and sandy loam. These ornaments require frequent attention, and copious supplies of water. They should be covered with pitch inside, to keep them from the ravages of damp. On a large scale, there is scarcely anything so snitable to cover the handles as the Dutchman's pipe.