The same journal says: "The finest Medlars in the country were there, and, also, the ' Prickly Pear' of the South of Europe - a very wholesome fruit, which makes a beautiful dish in the dessert. This is the fruit of the common Opuntia Vulgaris, and the ' Indian Fig' of ordinary travellers. There were also purple Guavas and Shaddocks from Sion House, together with the rarest fruit in England, the Chocolate fruit, which .is the chief ingredient in 'that excellent cup of chocolate.' The Chocolate-tree (Theobroma cacao') is a most beautiful-leaved tree, with flowers as insignificant as those of the Black Currant, and not unlike it. The flowers come in short, dense clusters from the old wood, and the fruit is about six inches long, pointed at both ends, otherwise egg-shaped, and slightly ribbed. The shell is of a light color when ripe, and splits open at the end furthest from the stalk. The seed or fruit is inclosed in a white pulp, from which strong whiskey is distilled in South America".

There was a fine dish of the ripe fruit of the Benthamia fragifera (huge strawberry-looking fruit), from Mr. Cox, gardener to W. Wells, Esq., Redleaf, Kent, which was gathered from a standard in the open air - another proof of the extraordinarily fine season we have just gone through. Also, from the same, a beautiful dish of the Cape Gooseberry, in their finely-bleached envelops. This is Physalis edulis of botany. The seeds are sown early in the spring, and the plants are fruited in the'greenhouse.