At the November exhibition, then was a fine display of Green-house plants, Fruits and Vegetables, which drew a large attendance of visitors. A vole of thanks was ten-dered to Mm. John R. Latiner, for her liberality in re-linquishing to the society, the many premiums awarded la her for years past. The President took occasion to address the society on topics of interest, which as per-trayed the benefits respiting to the public by the association, famishing a concise history, and exhibiting its openUs suggestions, end concluding with a. desire for its prosperity and prolonged usefulness.

At the December meeting, owing to the severity of the weather, the exhibition was less interesting than usual. Among the plants exhibited, was a most beantiful and fragrant sir plant, from the President, new, and shown for the first time. Of fruits there was of dish of magnificent pears, supposed Benrre Easter, from the gardeu of Wm. V. Petti:. Also a dish of Beurra Easier from H. W. S. Cleuvelond, Burlington, and Echasswry and St. Ger-main Pears, from Tho. Hancock, Burlington. The usual premiums were awarded.

The library committee submitted their annual report on the state of the library, by which it appeal* dial seventy volumes have been added during the year, and thai the library contains nine hundred and twenty volumes on appropriate subjects.

The Treasurer submitted his semi-annual statement.

The Secretary remarked that it was with satisfaction, that he was instructed to inform the socity that the President had, to supply a deficiency experienced in the dis ed in lieu of money, nude arrangements for executing a set of dies, which he designed as a present to the society; whereupon, on motion, ordered that the thanks of the Society be tendered for the acceptinbe gift

The committee for establishing premium, repotted ft schedule for the coming year, which after several amendments, was adopted.

A special committee for nominating officers to be elect. ed at the approaching anniversary, was originated. Also a committee to take into consideration, the accommoda-tions for the stated meetings and exhibitions of the Socie-ty, and report.

T. P. Jams, Recording Secretary.

Foreign and Miscellaneous Notices

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society #1

The stated meeting of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society occurred on Tuesday evening January 21st, 1851 - the president in the chair. Owing to the precariousness of midwinter, contributors do not risk fine specimens of plants: hence displays are less attractive. One small collection, however, of a very interesting character, was shown by Robert Scott, foreman to Robert Buist, consisting of Forsythia viridissima in flower, and exhibited for the first time, Epacris nivalis. E. purpnras-cens, E. coccinea, Correa multiflora rubra, C. tricolor, Erica Wilmorcanei, and Cleroden-dron splendens. James Ritchie presented a beautiful seedling Camellia, and a large collection of cut Camellia flowers, of the choicest varieties Designs, baskets of cut flowers and bouquets, were unusually handsome. Of fruit, a few dishes of apples only were seen. The committee on this department, reported that they were regaled on New Year's day with Hamburg grapes, which had just been cut from the vine under glass, by William Johns; the merit consisted in the mode of preservation, being ripe last October, and retaining their freshness and flavor. This result was effected by darkening the house, thus checking the growth of the vine, with occasional circulation of air to prevent moulding.

Of vegetables there were four large displays of the finest esculents. Thomas Meehan, gardener to A. M. East wick, (Bart ram's Garden,) exhibited a dish of blanched dandelion plants, the leaves of which are eaten as salad, and by some much tions of the Society submitted a lengthy report which was ordered to lie over for consideration.

An interesting communication was read from Dr. John Dawson, (formerly of the city,) dated Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, Nov. 8, 1850, purporting that he bad procured of the "Botanic Garden Commission" of the Cape, a package of seed, and had forwarded the same to the Society, and desiring a reciprocity.

At the annual meeting, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:

President - Caleb Cope.

Vice Presidents - Gen. R. Patterson, Jas. Dundas, Joshua Longstreth and E. W. Keyser.

Treasurer - John Thomas.

Cor. Sec'y - Thomas C. Percival.

Rec. Sec'y - Tho. P. James.

The stated monthly meeting for February, occurred on the 18th. The President, upon taking the chair, addressed the society, tendering his thanks for the marked expression of confidence in his re-election, dwelling upon the usefulness of the association, and alluding to its prosperous condition, remarking that of late some little extravagance had crept into its management, which only required investigation to be remedied, and reiterating his intention to retire at the termination of the year.

The display on the occasion, consisted of two fine collections of plants. In that from R. Buist's houses, were three new and interesting specimens - the Boronia anemonifolia, Erica levigata and E. aurantiaca, which were seen for the first time. Among A. M. East wick's the houses of James Ritchie, Robert Buist, John Lambert and John Dick. Two very large vases, supporting pyramids of the choicest cut flowers, exhibited by Andrew Dryburgh, were much admired. Of fruits, there were a few dishes of apples. Of vegetables there were three very large tables from the gardens of Anthony Felten, Joseph Ripka and Miss Gratz.

The appointments of standing committees for the ensuing, year was announced.

Members Elected

Sir Wm. Jackson Hooker, London, Eng.: John Dawson, M. D., Burmah, E. I., to honorary and corresponding membership, and three as resident members.

Tho. P. James Rec. Sec,