THE Rural Alabamian highly extols this peach for the South. Says: " It is the evidence of all who have fruited it, that it has no compeer. Large to very large, bright yellow, and of the most excellent quality, it cannot fail to become one of our most profitable market peaches, ripening as it does when good peaches are scarce; and the trees being fine growers and abundant bearers. Season, first half of September; freestone.

"This magnificent peach originated in the orchard of Antoine Picquet, Bel-Air, Georgia. In 1858 we cut the grafts from the original tree, which died the following year. After fruiting it for four consecutive seasons, we put it in the trade, feeling assured at that time that it was destined to become a most valuable market peach. In this we have not been disappointed, and it is a source of congratulation to us to have added this peach to our list of Superior fruits and saved it from destruction. It ripens with the Smock, to which it is immensely superior in size, appearance and quality. The Salway also matures at the same time, but is also inferior to the Pic-quets, from a limited experience in fruiting the former and from reports of others who fruited both varieties side by side."