Every cultivator of fruit can plant a few seeds yearly, and cultivate them as they grow, without even feeling the loss of time. Were each one to do so, what a multiplicity of seedlings we should soon have! and from which, doubtless, selections would be made as superior in every respect to our present collection as the present is to that of twenty-five years since. Let every one plant a few this year as a trial, and as they grow cultivate the young plants carefully.

Some regard time spent in cultivating flowers as so much wasted, forgetting that pleasure and not profit is a quality of inspiration nearest akin to nature, and that the nearer one's tastes are to a love of all the creations in nature, the nearer are they to those of Divine origin.

Flowers contribute to our pleasures, they add to our knowledge of nature, and unfold to us the mysteries of the beautiful. Let any one spend an hour each day engaged in the occupation of cultivating flowers and inhaling their fragrance, and however great the temptation outside, he or she can not be wholly void of virtue and the softening but deeply impressive feelings of childhood's pure, happy hours.