We have, been favored with specimens of this Pear by M. de Jonghe, of Brussels. The variety was raised from seed by Major Espe-ren in 1835 or 1836, and bore for the first time in 1845. The accompanying figure represents the form of the fruit. Skin, greenish-yellow. The flesh is yellowish-white, very melting, with abundance of rich, sugary, refreshing juice. In ordinary seasons, its period of maturity in this country will probably be near the end of August. The tree is vigorous, productive, and grafted trees soon come into bearing. The shoots are of a clear yellowish color, like those of the Passe Col-mar; the leaves ovate, slightly acuminate.

Many of the early pears now in cultivation are dry and musky, and, on the whole, so worthless, that the trees ought to be destroyed, and replaced by superior kinds, of which one may be the Poire Peche. It is hardy, and bears well as a standard. - London Gardeners' Chronicle.

Poire Peche Esperen 1200146

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