The third edition of this work, enlarged and revised, has just been issued by 0. M. Saxton, of New York, the well known, enterprising agricultural book publisher. It is a useful and much needed book, and especially at this time, when Grape culture is attracting so much attention and inquiry. Mr. Allen is a practical and eminently successful Grape grower himself, and therefore well fitted to prepare a work on the subject on which people may rely with safety. The construction of graperies, the preparation of borders, the propagation and management of vines at all seasons and under all circumstances, the selection of varieties, and the treatment of diseases, are all discussed with great care and minuteness. We are given not only the experience of the author, but of the most successful growers of Grapes both at home and abroad. If the book be at all faulty, it is in its profuseness of extracts; but these are subjects on which we cannot know too much.

This edition does not differ materially from the previous one, except in its appear which we regret to say is not so good. The new matter consists principally of a ch on the Culture of the Grape in Florids, by Hon. A. G. Semmes; a chapter from Dr. Under-hill, on the Vineyard Culture of the Isabella; and notices of some new varieties of Grapes, the most important of which are some hybrids produced by Mr. Amos W. Stetson, of East Braintree, Mass., and our correspondent, Dr. W. W. Valk, of Flushing, L. I. We observe, too, that some alterations are made in the special lists of varieties, and especially that for a retarding house. This difference will be seen by comparing the following lists:

5 Vines Black Hamburg, including Wilmot's new Black Hamburg.

2 Muscat of Alexandria.

2 Zinfindal.

6 Black Lombardy.

2 Charlesworth Tokey.

3 Wortley Hall Seedling.

6 Vines Black Hamburg, including New Black Hamburg, Victoria Black, and No. 16 Black Hamburg.

2 Muscat of Alexandria. 1 Zinfindal.

5 Black Lombardy.

3 Wortley Hall Seedling.