The following statement of P. W. Gillett of Astoria, shows that the inhabitants of Oregon have not been idle in fruit culture, and are likely to reap a fair reward for their labors: -

Fruit-growing, the most pleasant, as well as the most profitable branch of agriculture, is receiving increased attention with us. Indeed, no expense nor pains has been spared in introducing and testing varieties. Oregon has now a splendid assortment of fruit with a climate congenial to its growth. The summers are too cool, however, at the mouth of the Columbia, to produce peaches of a fine flavor; but the interior of the Teritory has a climate adapted to the perfect development of the finest peaches, pears, and grapes.

Green apples are worth from $8 to $10 per bushel, and ready sale at that At this rate one acre of land in apple-trees, allowing 14 bushels to the tree, which is a low estimate for trees of mature age, and forty trees to the acre, gives the enormous sum of $4,480 per acre. This is a matter of fact, and not speculation- It is true, our orchards, being young, yield but from one to eight or ten bushels to the tree; but it is the opinion of some of our wisest men that good winter apples will command, in the San Francisco market, as high a price for the next thirty years.