1. Are there two kinds of Celery, the solid and hollow? or is this difference in the stalks brought about by the manner of cultivation or accident 7 I know it is claimed that there are two sorts, but circumstances have led me to doubt this. If there are two varieties, it is very difficult to get other than mixed seed. 2. Is it settled beyond a question that it is better to wait until alter severe cold weather is over, that is, until early spring, before pruning fruit-trees 7 M.

[1. There are several varieties of Celery, but they are not divided into solid and hollow. The difference you allude to is the result of bad cultivation and bad seed; very often the latter. Good seed is hard to be got. 2. This matter is not settled beyond a question. No one, however, should prune trees during the severe cold of winter, for, if there were no other objection to it, it cannot at that time be done in a workmanlike manner. Pruning should be done either in the fall or early in spring. Large limbs are best amputated in summer, for the wounds then soonest heal over. This whole subject of pruning fruit-trees, however, is modified by the object in view, such as fruitfulness, increased vigor of growth, etc. The time and mode best for the one are not best for the other, in our opinion. We will give our quierist a chapter on this subject soon. - Ed].