This is a Duke in habit, more upright and vigorous, and with larger and stronger foliage than the Mo~ rellos. As a bearer it is not more than moderately productive; but while it bears regularly and evenly, all the fruit of good size, the tree is quite hardy, and the fruit ripening late carries the season of cherries along almost or quite to August, as it will hang a week or more after being really ripe.

Leaf, large, long, oval, with a sharp point, serrated; petiole, reddish; fruit, large, round, elongated; sides, compressed; smooth, glossy, regular surface; cuture, shallow, half round, followed by a marked line; color, bright, lively red, marbled and mottled on amber ground; red when grown in the sun; flesh, pinkish yellow, sprightly, mild, pleasant acid; pit, full medium; perhaps may be classed large; stem, long, often, if not always, curved. Season, from middle of July to August.

Reine Hortense.

Fig. 157. - Reine Hortense.