We are indebted to Japan for these beautiful little evergreens, although but few of them are hardy in this latitude. The most desirable among the hardy sorts is R. aurea-plumosa, the foliage of which is soft, fine, and of a brilliant golden color, fully sustaining its name of "golden plume." I fear that few persons will be satisfied with a single plant of this in a group, for, when dotted here and there among the dark-colored foliage of other kinds, they seem to give light and life to the picture, the strong and striking contrast adding much to the beauty and brilliancy of both.

Retinospora Argentea

Another provisional name for a plant with densely glaucous or silvery spray, which color was especially marked on the lower surface. The plant was not enough developed to show its true character.

Retinospora Lycopodioides

Under this provisional name was included, on June 5, in the miscellaneous portion of the group, a rather pretty looking plant, (others of which, shown by Mr. Veitch as Cryptomeria sp., had received a Certificate of Merit.) It is apparently a plant of spreading growth, with the branches terete and leafy all round: distinguishable, therefore, from the Retinospora and Thujopsia, already mentioned, by a feature analogous to the difference which exists between the true species of Lycopodium and those now referred to Selaginella. The leaves of this plant are small obtuse green scales, which produce a kind of papillate appearance on the branches.

Retinospora Obtusa

A fine evergreen tree of the Arbor Vitae race, forming, according to Siebold, a straight bole 60 to 80 feet high. Of this, a nice little bushy specimen was shown. It had fiat, flabellate, dark green spray, which, from the small size of its scale-like foliage, had a good deal of general resemblance to some of the smaller eircinate species of Selaginella. There were both green-leaved and variegated-leaved forms, the latter being blotched with white; and of these the green-leaved or typical form had received a Silver Banksian Medal, and the variegated-leaved form (R. obtusa variegata) a Certificate of Merit.