We present for a Frontispiece this month a pear known around New York as the Ravenswood. It Is a wilding, found some years since in the woods at Havens-wood. Its fine quality being discovered by a gentleman of that place, it was removed, and placed on the grounds of Mr. Erhard. It is a summer pear. Its size will be regarded by many as an objection; and it is to be regretted, on account of its excellence, that it is not larger; still there are many amateurs who prefer a small pear of fine quality to a larger one with no quality at all. Its earliness and excellence, we think, will entitle the Ravenswood to a place in the amateur's collection at least, being one of .the best pears of its season. The form is obovate. Color greenish yellow, covered with small brown specks, and often with a red cheek. Stalk, short and thick. Calyx open, in a small shallow basin. Flesh, fine grained, melting, juicy, and high flavored. It is a vigorous grower, and very productive. It ripens the last of July and beginning of August Our frontispiece conveys a very good idea of it.

The Ravenswood Pear 160058

Ravenswood Pear #1

Mr. Erhard has just sent us a basket of this fine pear, figured in our last number. The quality of these specimens quite confirms our previous impressions. It is not large, but its earliness, productiveness, and good quality make it especially desirable for the amateur. Many of the specimens were fully a third larger than our figure, which we consider about the average size.