Deciduous - is a very showy tree, and can be readily transplanted. In the spring it is adorned with clusters of the richest scarlet pendent seed vessels, which present a most striking appearance amongst the silvery green leaves, and in the autumn the foliage assumes the most brilliant hue, rendering it a dazzling ornament to our forests; the White Maple, Acer dasycarpum, is also well worth planting, though not so brilliant in the color of its foliage and seed vessels, as the other.

Is regular in its shape, foliage dense, and of a peculiar and pleasing hue, yellowish green; readily-transplanted, moderately rapid in its growth, and attains to considerable size.

The Fringe Tree, (Chionanthus virginicus) - deciduous - this is the finest of our shrubs. The leaf is large and dark, and in the month of May it is covered with the most delicate fringelike flowers, of the purest white. The contrast of these deep green leaves, with the beautifully airy flowers, render it most desirable either for a lawn or shrubbery; it reaches some twenty feet in height.

The Red Bud or Judas Tree, (Cercis cana-den tit) - deciduous - is a small tree that presents a pleasing appearance through the spring and summer, but in the early spring it is without an equal; then every branch, and every part of every branch, are literally covered with the most beautiful deep pink bloom; it can be transplanted without difficulty, and will bloom at once.

I might extend this list to a much greater length, but fear that I have already taxed you too largely. Tour ob't serv't, X. Virginia, March 8,1851.

[All these trees are cultivated in our nurseries, and more extensively planted in the pleasure grounds of the north, than in Virginia - except the American Holly - the finest of American evergreens. Will not some clever nurseryman undertake to get up a good stock of this tree? It cannot be called tender, for it grows wild on Long Island. ED.]