The North American Review tells the following good story: A countryman of ours, of somewhat rude appearance, walking in the Strand early in May saw his favorite dish of strawberries and cream blushing at him from the counter of a restaurant. Entering, he carelessly called for a bowl, to the marked surprise of several persons present, who knew the extravagance of the luxury, and rightly presumed that the American was ignorant at what cost he was gratifying himself. He had not finished his repast before the curious looks of the company suggested his mistake, and aroused all his latent pride. " What is to pay?" inquired he, as he laid down his dish, not without a glowering side look at the wiseacres who waited for his chopfallen aspect when the victualler's reply should fall upon his ear. "A guinea, sir." Tossing down the coin from a not over full purse, and bridling up with an air of assumed indifference, "I '11 take another!" was the American's only rejoinder. How many American travellers cover their ignorance and pride at a similar expense.