Yes; our plate of strawberries is not exaggerated as to their size. They were drawn from nature, neither the largest nor smallest were taken, but a fair average; the artist was to " nothing exaggerate, nor set down, aught in malice!"

Your last plant is a Dolichos, but beyond that we cannot go without further information.

Mrs. E. Baker, Alleghany Furnace, Pa. The mildew on the leaves of rose bushes can only be attacked by sulphur. Apply it as directed for grape vines, that is, sprinkle or blow it on to the diseased part, repeating it occasionally till the mildew has disappeared.

Ohioensis. Yes; we have a high opinion of the artichoke as a root crop. It is very productive and useful as food for the horse and the hog. It is said they can be raised for four cents a bushel!

In the October number, Wilson's Albany Seedling Strawberry was stated to be pistillate. This is an error, as it is a true staminate.

Erratum. On page 544 of present number, line 14, " fears " should read "pears," and in the last line of the article " something " should have been printed "sometimes." The delays of the post office prevented these corrections.