We have received from Mr. Geo. Barry, of Alton, 111., a box of apples in very good condition. He informs us that they were taken from trees fifteen or twenty years old, the only ones he has any knowledge of. They were purchased years ago of a Frenchman who owned a nursery in St. Louis. Mr. Barry adds: "The tree is very vigorous, forms a fine head, and is a moderate bearer, as far as I can learn, though some were quite full this season. It commences ripening about two weeks before the Early Harvest, (this year the 15th of June,) and lasts for a month or more. They usually sell for two or three dollars a bushel in St Louis. It is a fine looking apple on the tree, covered with a heavy bloom, and good size, I picked about as small a specimen as I could find. Of the quality you can judge for yourself. Can you tell me what it is? We don't know out here," This is a large, handsome apple, sub-acid, with a pleasant flavor. We have never seen it before. We have sent specimens to Mr. Downing, who may be able to tell us something about it. As we have it before us, we can not class it " best," but "very good." Its size, handsome appearance, good quality and exceeding earliness, make it a very desirable fruit.

Mr. Barry will please accept our thanks for his kindness.