You will very much oblige me, and doubtless many others of your readers, by giving in your next number your estimate of the quality of Susette D'Bovay, as also its time of ripening. Also Beurre Grit d'hicer Nouveav, Many persons, undoubtedly, have these fruits growing, tempted to their purchase by the glowing descriptions put forth, of their quality. Experience has shown there is but little reliance to be placed on them, and if these are to be placed in that catalogue, much more, at least, may be said by the knowledge solicited. In my estimation, yon could hardly render your readers a more valuable service than by the continuation of an article, some time since commenced, concerning your experience of the time of ripening, and the relative value and goodness of the different winter Pears. The time which has elapsed must have added largely to the stock of information on the subject C. D. P. - Waterville.

We must say that we are not favorably impressed with Suzette de Bavay, During three or four years of fruiting it has been small and has not ripened well, or at least has not become really fine flavored. Further south we think it deserves trial The tree is a beautiful grower and quite prolific - indeed the crop always needs thinning.

The Beurre gris d'Hiver was for two seasons attacked with the black fungus, and destroyed before maturity. Last season the entire crop on some of the trees was fair and fine, and ripened well during the month of December. We think well of it yet We shall comply with your suggestion as soon as practicable.