A VERY suggestive subject title to the appreciator of "Apples and milk," waking up delicious memories of the simple good things enjoyed in younger years - perchance forgotten or neglected in later days of more studied epicureanism.

The suitableness and healthfulness of fruit as an article of diet - not as a mere luxurious come-between or after-course, when hunger is appeased and the variety and quantity of food already taken is quite equal to the power of right digestion - is much lauded, highly recommended at the present day. To such an innovation the veriest gastronomer can scarce object. Among the staples of "fruit as a diet" what more deserving of epicurean encomium than baked sweet apples? Surely it should rank as a standard among appetizing dishes. What an agreeable accompaniment to the farmers' tea-table in harvest time.

And these may be enjoyed the year round, saving an interim of a few months when the smaller garden-fruits are in plenty, and can delightfully atone for their absence.

A fine collection suiting this soil and climate might embrace - "Sweet June" and "Sweet Bough;" "Golden," "Jersey," and "Haskell Sweets;" "Summer Sweet Paradise" and "Autumnal Swaar;" "Bailey," "Tallman," "Ladies," and "Green Sweet" - and you have them from mid August to May, ripening in the order in which they are named.

There are many phases of digestive disarrangement where acids prove so harmful that the invalid is obliged to abstain almost entirely from fruits - then the luxury of a tender juicy sweet apple is readily discovered and appreciated.

Many seem indifferent to all but "sour apples;" they surely cannot know anything about the deliciousness of a really fine dessert sweet apple.


Waukesha, WISCONSIN.

Sweet Apples #1

Long ago, when a youngster, I was dilating to an excellent housekeeping lady Mend, on the extraordinary virtues of baked sweet apples in boy's bread and milk; and in addition to that, bow good the raw ones to fat pigs, and geese. "Yes;" she replied, "and they are just as good to fat children, and grown people on as pigs!" I have believed it ever since.