The Florist and Pomologist says: " The sweet violets are among the most charming little gems of the spring garden, and they will grow almost anywhere, provided they get pure air; but what they most delight in is a rich, deep, loam soil, with liberal soakings of manure water during the flowering season. The following are a few of the most distinct: King of Violets, an improvement on arborea, dark violet, a good grower, free bloomer, and fit for green-house or out-door culture. Heine des Violettes, blush-white, very double and hardy, a free bloomer; will do either in-door or out. The Giant and Czar, if not the same, are very much alike; both have large flowers, with long stalks; which make them very valuable for either bouquets or vases. Rubra-plena, double red or copper color, very distinct, hardy and a free bloomer. Arborea alba, tree habit, pure white, one of the best for in-door cultivation, as it likes a little protection. Devoniensis, in bloom the whole season, and has a long flower stalk, which makes it valuable for gathering; is of a light violet color. Neapolitan, one of the most beautiful, second to none, remarkably sweet-scented, with charming pale-blue flowers.

These are all worthy of general cultivation".