The approach of the holidays suggests many a table loaded with edibles to please the palate, and in aid of those who have to decorate them to please the eye, we suggest the use of low grown bushy plants of Coleus Verschaffeltii as a plant that presents a fine appearance by artificial light. Ferns of all sorts are all good, and intermingling with Coleus V., give a unique and satisfactory result with but little labor.

The apple-tree bark louse is becoming the scourge of Western orchards. Is there no remedy ? Many nurseries are sending them out with the young tree - that should be a criminal offense. T. D. P.

[In the month of May wash the trees all on body and limbs with a wash of strong lye and flour of sulphur, and report the name of the nurseryman who sends out trees covered with bark lice. Most nurserymen are careful to destroy them as soon as they appear, because no tree can make a healthy and satisfactory growth when covered with lice; and as a rule, no lice are found on vigorous growing trees. The _ wash applied now will do no harm; but it will require to be repeated in spring.]

Table Decorations #1

Table decorations are receiving more and more attention in London society. Lord Porterhouse, in an article to one of the papers, speaks of a novelty worthy of notice by our lady readers.

He says he dined one evening at the house of a distinguished gentleman who had recently married a Russian lady. The table was entirely covered with moss - the fern-like moss which is plentiful in Covent Garden. There was the usual white cloth, but the only evidence of it was seen in that portion which hangs at the sides of the table. Flowers were profusely introduced, and the effect was altogether unique. He stated that this was one of the most ordinary kinds of table decoration in the aristocratic house of Russia.

Composition of a Royal Bouquet. During the recent visit of the king of Denmark and his daughter, the Princess of Wales, to Edinburgh, Messrs. Drummond, florists, presented a splendid bouquet to the Princess, who expressed great admiration at its singular beauty. A fine bloom of Euckaris Amazon-ica forms the, center of the bouquet, and, among other rich flowers which composed it, were the rare and beautiful Lapageria rosea, Stephanotis and the sweet-sented Italian tuberose. The bouquet was encased in a rich satin holder trimmed with Honiton lace.