This new tea rose, which is very correctly represented in our plate for this month, is a seedling raised by M. Marest, Nurseryman, of Paris, and was taken by our artist, Mr. Andrews, from a plant in the nursery of Standish & Noble, of Bagshot. This addition to our list of tea roses is a very desirable and beautiful one, fragrant, and quite hardy, which is an advantage not to be lost sight of by rose growers; for the great failing in the beautiful section of roses to which this belongs, is that they are rarely hardy enough to thrive without some protection during winter, for which reason we do not find them so extensively grown as out-door plants as they otherwise would be, and for which their delicate shades of color and delightful fragrance would render them invaluable.

Standish & Noble pay great attention to the introduction of new roses from the continental gardens, and import annually all the best new kinds. They have very kindly furnished us with a select list of a few good new roses, which have been well proved in their nursery, and which will, we doubt not, be very acceptable to rose growers in making additions to their stock.

*See Frontispiece.

• H. P. Victor Trouillard; flowers of the deepest crimson, foliage very fine, and in every respect a magnificent rose. The entire stock of this variety is in our own (Messrs. Standish & Noble's) hands; we purchased it from the raiser, a gentleman at Angers.

P. M. Madame Edouard Ory; bright carmine; a fine globular flower.

H. P. Madame Masson; large, full flower; clear crimson.

H. P. Emperor Napoleon; very fine, bright crimson; petals, velvet-like.

H. P. General Jacqueminot; Vivid red; one of the finest roses yet raised.

H. P. Gloire de Franoe; large and fall; crimson shaded.

H. P. Madame Place; lively rose color.

H. P. Colonel de Rougemont; clear carmine; shaded.

H, P. Madame Cambaceres; rose color; a charming flower.

H. P. Souvenir de la Reine d'Angleterre; very large flower; lively rose color.

H. P. Triomphe de P'Exposition; bright, reddish crimson.

H. P. Lord Raglan; centre, bright red: outer petals, purplish.

H. P. Prince Noir; deep crimson; petals, like velvet.

M. P. Salet; bright rose.

B. Gloire de Dijon; pale flesh color; centre, yellowish; large, full flower.

H. P. Jules Margottin; carmine; fine, full flower; very handsome.

P. Nicholas d'Assas; clear rose; very fnll; finely imbricated.