22. Adam

Rosy blush, very large and magnificent, with beautiful camellia-like petals, blooms freely, moderate grower, rather tender, and needs slight protection in winter. Suitable for a small mass. Very fine. •

23. Comte De Paris

Creamy blush, a large fine flower, blooming abundantly, growth moderate. A very desirable variety, forming, in a bed, a lovely mass. Superb and very distinct.

24. Devoniensis

Creamy white, buff center. Shall I say the most beautiful of Roses? It has now become so well known as scarcely to need description. Fragrant as well as beautiful. A clump of this is one of the loveliest objects in a flower garden.

25. Eliza Sauvage

Cream with deep orange center, profuse bloomer, and the best yellow for a email bed. Dwarf, delicate habit, requiring, and well deserving a little protection in winter. An extremely lovely flower.

20. Safrano

Deep fawn, very lovely in the bud, a free flowerer, and a moderately strong grower as a Tea-seented Rose. Being more hardy than the Eliza Sauvage, where that variety is considered tender, or the clamp large, this should be used. A very unique and beautiful Rose.